Bluetooth lab

Our company will build a Bluetooth BQB laboratory from the end of 2016. It will be fully operational in 2017 and will be licensed by Bluetooth BQTF in 2018. Up to now, we have served thousands of Bluetooth products companies, providing Bluetooth testing (RF and PROFILE) for these companies, and assisting in applying for DID and membership registration services. If you need more information about Bluetooth BQB certification, please contact me. Contact us for answers.

★ Our advantage


Software and hardware configuration: Bluetooth 5 is the CTTL RTSB-A RF test system approved by the Bluetooth SIG. It is the first and only Bluetooth SIG-approved test system in China.

Solution: Provide one-stop Bluetooth product BQB certification solution (from product design to product launch);

Service: The price is definitely your unexpected offer, the service subverts your perception, and the certification cycle is urgent for you.

Additional services: If there are unqualified test items in the certification, the laboratory will assist the customer to analyze the specific reasons and propose solutions to help you solve the certification problem and get the certificate as soon as possible.

Bluetooth version history


Bluetooth specification


Bluetooth core configuration

 What is Bluetooth BQB certification?

      BQB certification is also Bluetooth certification. In short, if your product has Bluetooth capability and the Bluetooth logo is marked on the product, you must pass a certificate called BQB. Bluetooth wordmarks and logos are available to all Bluetooth SIG member companies upon completion of certification. The Bluetooth word mark and logo are only available for related products that pass the Bluetooth qualification process.

★ "The new blue "Bluetooth brand  

With the continuous development and evolution of Bluetooth technology, we have seen an important change in the Bluetooth trademark. The Bluetooth logo has changed from dark blue to bright blue (there are currently three types of logos available).
蓝牙logo-2 蓝牙logo-3

   And the new slogan beyond the imagination of the connection "unthinkably connected", meaning that Bluetooth to help people and technology to establish a connection beyond the imagination, which means that the "new blue" will undoubtedly make our life a better life!


      But beware, the dark blue micro-label before Bluetooth has been revoked. Another major change in the Bluetooth brand is the discontinuation of the Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready trademarks.

The Bluetooth word mark is also a trademark, but its word mark is unchangeable and cannot be translated into any other language. The following are the available Bluetooth word mark:

Simplified Chinese (蓝牙)

Traditional Chinese (藍牙)

Japanese translation(ブルートゥース)

Korean translation(블루투스)

Regardless of the form in which the trademark of Bluetooth appears, it must be added to the mark of its trademark.——
"The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG
Inc.and any use of such marks by [licensee name] is under license. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners"Note The font size is not specified, but it must be clearly visible.。

Who can use the Bluetooth brand?

What are the conditions for using the Bluetooth brand?

1.Companies must be members of the Bluetooth SIG to use the Bluetooth brand.

2. Member companies using Bluetooth-branded products are properly qualified and affirmed and comply with the Bluetooth license agreement. The online qualification tools and management procedures must be completed through the online tools managed by the Bluetooth SIG.


Bluetooth SIG
Members who use Bluetooth branded products have those rights?

Use Bluetooth technology in products and services;

Use the Bluetooth brand in products and services;

Branding or reselling products that use Bluetooth technology.

★ Bluetooth BQB certification process


★ 申请蓝牙BQB认证需要什么产品资料?

1. Bluetooth Certification Application FormApplication Form(Basic information about the product)
(Used to confirm the scope of the test)
Authorized letter / NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) _QDL will be used。
4. DoC/SDoC 
(Declaration of the manufacturer) _listing will provide documentation request signature
Technical documents:
User Manual
Block Diagram
PCB Layout
Product Spec.
Antenna Spec.(antenna pattern included)
Brief Product Desription(
Within one hundred words)

★ Sample requirements

    Three prototypes are required, one is to take out the RF line and can enter the test DTM mode (fixed frequency prototype), two prototypes that can work normally (attachment).

★ Certification period

      The test period is 1-2 weeks, and the Review plus Listing period is reported for 1 week.

 Bluetooth bqb certification fee


The Bluetooth bqb certification fee consists of two parts: (1) DID fee; (2) test fee;


1, DID purchase is divided into 3 cases:


First: Small Business Incentive Program IIP:

Requirements: 1) The applicant company does not have any reporting records and listings; 2) the company's annual sales are less than 1 million US dollars;

Cost: There are two opportunities to purchase DID at 2500 USD/DID within 18 months, and must be used within 18 months. If there is no use, you need to make up the difference. After 18 months, the cost returned to normal.


Second: Free membership (non-annual membership):

8000 USD/DID, unlimited.


Third: annual fee membership:

Applicants with annual sales below $100 million: annual fee: 7500 USD/year; 4000 USD/DID, unlimited.

Applicants with annual sales of more than $100 million: annual fee: 35,000 USD/year; 4000 USD/DID, unlimited.

Note: 1) The annual fee needs to be renewed every year; 2) after the listing is completed, it will be valid for a long time;


2, the test fee is based on the specific project of the laboratory, please contact customer service for the detailed cost.