★ 化学实验室


      目前,ITC化学实验室配备有ICP-OES, AAS, ICP-MS, GC-MS, HPLC, LC-MS, IC, UV-Vis, XRF, 汽车内饰件VOC测试舱、超声仪、微波消解仪、干式气体流量计、热脱附自动进样器、顶空自动进样器、皂膜流量计等多台大型自动化分析测试仪器。

      ITC chemical lab is one of the earliest third party chemical lab in southern China. We have a technical team with more than five years of related experience. After nearly 10 years' development, ITC has become a professional and well-known lab. Our test scope includes electrical and electronic products, automobile products, toys and children products, textile and footwear, food contact materials, material analysis, VOC and environment monitoring, etc. We also participate in drafting standards for VOC, tobacco and packing materials industries. We hope to provide professional product teITC, certification and one-stop service and help our clients to handle the global green trend.

      ITC is equipped with many large-scale automatic testing equipment such as ICP-OES, AAS, ICP-MS, GC-MS, HPLC, LC-MS, IC, UV-Vis, XRF, VOC chamber, microwave digester, ultrasonic water bath, headspace ,etc.


Test Items测试项目




Proposition 65加州65法案

Battery Directive电池指令

Heavy Metals in Packing Materials包装材料指令

Azo Dyes偶氮

VOC/Formaldehyde VOC/甲醛


Nickel Release镍释放


Chromium VI六价铬

Total Lead & Cadmium总铅总镉


Soluble Heavy Metals可溶重金属


Bisphenol A双酚A

Food Contact Materials TeITC食品级材料测试


Textile Lab纺织品实验室


      ITC textile lab is one of our key areas and has worked for many famous foreign brands. Our technical team has many years' experience in the textile industry. We can provide suggestions for failed test items and can also advise the fiber composition label and care label. Our testing product category includes jeans, fashion dress, sweater, children garment, underwear, socks, gloves, scarf, hat, handbags, suitcases, etc.


Test Items测试项目

Color Fastness TeITC色牢度测试

Dimensional Stability & Appearance 尺寸稳定性及外观

Strength TeITC强力测试

Fabric Construction TeITC织物结构测试

Fabric Performance TeITC织物性能测试

Fiber Composition纤维成分

Flammability TeITC燃烧性测试

Functional TeITC功能性测试

Garment Accessory TeITC成衣附件测试

Children's Product Safety TeITC儿童产品安全性测试


Toy & Hardgoods Lab玩具及杂货实验室


      ITC toys & hardgoods lab has many years' experience and focuses on the regulations and standards of Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, China, Japan, etc. ITC has a technical team with more than 10 years' related experience. We can also tailor-make test methods for our clients. Our testing scope includes toy, children products, candle, ceramic, kitchenware, festival gifts, etc.


Test Items测试项目

Physical & Mechanical TeITC机械物理测试

Flammability TeITC燃烧性测试

Electrical Toys TeITC电玩具测试

Environmental TeITC环境测试

Loading TeITC负载测试

Salt Spray Test盐雾测试

Test to Failure TTF测试

Hardness TeITC硬度测试

Candle Test蜡烛测试

Thermal Shock Test热冲击测试

Dishwasher Test洗碗机测试

ISTA Transportation TeITC包装运输测试