Japan METI filing

2019-09-20 11:16:08

At present, some customers in the market have received notification from Amazon. If you want to continue to sell mobile lithium-ion batteries or power products and electronic products on, please submit the following information to Amazon before November 15, 2018:

I. 1, METI filing documents (copies must be accompanied by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry's receipts and Katashiki classification)

2. The photo of the label containing the PSE mark (the PSE mark, the name of the notifier and the rated voltage, etc. must be clearly visible).

3. Volume energy density report

4. PSE certificate report

Note: If the processing is not processed within the deadline, the information about the related product will be removed on Amazon.

In addition to the above 3rd point energy density report is the product's own specifications, not within the scope of certification, the customer needs to handle it; several other ITC can provide services for you, highlighting point 1, the document requirements are as follows:

1.1 PSE certificate + report

1.2 List of key components

1.3 PSE label photo (display PSE logo)

Note: To be registered, the product label needs to display the name of the importer, otherwise the application will not be successful.

Second, Japan's METI filing fee:

1. The PSE voluntary report certificate fee is 3,000 yuan;

2. METI records 7,000 yuan;

3. Three weeks of the cycle;

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