About the new FCC SDOC regulations

2019-09-20 11:16:37

1. FCC SDoC is enforced from November 2, 2018. If the previously applied product has not been changed, there is no need to apply for a new FCC SDoC certification.

2. The FCC certification updates the requirements of the responsible party, and the responsible party needs to provide the declaration documents in order to ship the goods. The purpose is that if the market is spot-checked, the United States can find the responsible person in the first time.

Responsible parties need to meet the following requirements:

a. The responsible party must be a local company in the United States;

b. The responsible party can be a manufacturer, an assembler, or an importer;

c. The responsible party must request that products, test reports, corresponding records, etc. be provided during the FCC market sampling to ensure that the product complies with the FCC SDoC procedures;

d. The responsible party shall add the declaration of conformity documents to the documents accompanying the equipment. It is recommended that the customer directly select the first importer or find some local agents in the United States as the responsible party.

3. Declare the information to be reflected in the document:

a. US responsible party information: company name, address, contact number or internet contact information

b. The declaration document requires that the product be shipped and sold together.

c. Separate pages, along with the instructions, shipped with the product. (Note: Each product is required, not issued in accordance with the shipping lot) or directly put the information contained in the declaration file in the manual for shipment.

to sum up:

Subsequent FCC SDOC, ITC Lab only issued test reports, FCC SODC (FCC Declaration of Conformity) is the customer looking for their local representative in the United States

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