Compulsory CCC certification process detailed answers

2019-09-20 11:17:18


One: apply for registration

Required information: 1. Business license (tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, three certificates to provide a business license); 2. CCC application; 3. Product specification / specification; 4. Product picture (required Used at the time)


Second: institutional review

The certification body reviews the contents of the application documents submitted by the applicant

1. If the application documents submitted by the applicant do not meet the requirements, notify the applicant to supplement or modify the application materials and resubmit the documents for review.

2. The documents submitted by the applicant are in compliance with the regulations, the documents are reviewed and accepted by the certification body.


Three: sample delivery test

1. After the acceptance of the certification body, the inspection task will be issued to the laboratory;

2. The certification body issues a certification notice to the applicant, and the company sends/sends the sample to the laboratory;

3. The laboratory accepts the test task and receives the sample delivery product;

4. The laboratory tests the sample;

Qualification: Issue a type test report and submit the report to the certification body;

Unqualified: If the certification body is responsible for notifying the rectification, the laboratory submits a report to the certification body, and the certification body notifies the enterprise to rectify, evaluate the rectification report, re-send the sample, and re-test the laboratory. If the laboratory is responsible for notifying the rectification, the laboratory directly informs the enterprise to rectify, evaluate the rectification report, re-send the sample, and re-test the laboratory. (Some certification bodies have specific restrictions on the number of times a product cannot pass the test)

 After passing the test, the certification process will enter the next step.


Information to be provided during prototype testing: product manual, specification; circuit diagram; nameplate label; safety, EMC key component list; CCC/CQC certificate number of key components; description of model difference description (when applied); Book; factory survey form; factory production capacity guarantee statement can be sent to the issuing authority at this time.

Four: audit factory

1. The certification body shall set up a factory inspection team according to the application materials of the enterprise and issue a factory inspection task;

2. The factory inspection team develops an on-site inspection plan;

3. Go to the factory for factory inspection;

4. Issue an inspection report after inspection;

5. Evaluate the inspection report. If it is unqualified, notify the enterprise to rectify and submit the rectification materials. After the rectification is completed, the certification body evaluates the company's rectification materials and determines whether on-site verification is required. If necessary, the inspection team is again sent to the factory for inspection.

6. After passing the factory inspection, enter the assessment section.

7,Before the factory is audited, the company is recommended to conduct auditing.


Five: Certification results assessment (certification)

1. The certification body summarizes the laboratory test report and the factory inspection report, and issues an assessment report after the assessment.

2. Whether to pass:

If it does not pass, it will not be issued.

If passed, the certification body issues a national mandatory CCC certificate to the applicant.


六: Post-certification supervision:

Licensed enterprise supervision and inspection

1. The certification body organizes at least one supervision and inspection every year after the certified enterprise.

2. The certification body will prepare a supervision and inspection plan, and dispatch inspection teams to the enterprise to conduct factory inspections on product consistency according to the plan, and decide whether to sample the products according to the inspection results.

3. Sample testing: Check the product for inspection:

Qualification: The company continues to maintain the certificate valid;

Unqualified: Suspend the certificate, issue a rectification notice, urge the enterprise to rectify, and check and evaluate the rectification result. For those who fail to pass the rectification repeatedly, the enterprise certification certificate will be revoked and announced.


Note: Some categories of products can be certified first and then audited (received within three months after being certified), such as IT; AV, etc., then such products will change slightly in the process, certified The cycle will be relatively short. Relatively convenient.

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