Network access license CTA


The State implements a network access licensing system for telecommunications terminal equipment, radio communication equipment, and telecommunications equipment involved in accessing the public telecommunications network.

The telecommunications equipment that implements the network access licensing system must obtain the network access license issued by the Ministry of Information Industry; if it does not obtain the network access license, it shall not access the public telecommunications network and use it for domestic sales. The catalogue of telecommunications equipment implementing the network access licensing system shall be formulated and promulgated by the Ministry of Information Industry in conjunction with the Product Quality Supervision Department of the State Council.

Telecommunications equipment manufacturers (hereinafter referred to as production enterprises) must apply for telecommunications equipment network access licenses in accordance with national laws, regulations and policies. Telecommunications equipment applying for network access licenses must comply with national standards, communications industry standards, and the Ministry of Information Industry. Telecommunications equipment manufacturers should have a sound quality assurance system and after-sales service measures.

The manufacturer's application for the telecommunications equipment network access license shall be accompanied by the test report issued by the product quality supervision department of the State Council and approved by the Ministry of Information Industry or the product quality certification issued by the certification body. The basis, testing procedures and test reports issued by the testing organization for the telecommunications equipment applying for network access shall comply with the regulations of the State or the Ministry of Information Industry.

Network certification period: 25 working days or so (excluding rectification time)

Information required for network authentication

Hardware information:

Prototype, charger (requires CCC certification), battery, data cable (with magnetic ring requires fixed magnetic ring, and indicate model, specification, manufacturer information), earphone, complete package, RF cable, PCB slat, housing (including housing, keyboard, Lens, motor)


1. Motherboard chip and vacancy announcement, the photo of the front and back of the motherboard needs to be colored

2, dual card statement, Bluetooth statement

3. Submit the sample technical declaration confirmation form

4, inspection technical parameter confirmation form

5, electromagnetic compatibility list, safety components list

6, mobile phone: BOM, printed circuit diagram, circuit schematic, explosion diagram

7, the instructions

8, MTnet equipment inspection confirmation

9. Introduction to telecommunications equipment

10, mobile phone survey

11, the motherboard BOM table and the whole machine BOM

12, battery declaration form, specification

13, body characters and pattern description

14. The intelligent machine provides the "Intelligent Terminal Software Configuration Information Table"

The number of samples required for network testing: Depending on the specific product or system, generally 3-7 units.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What information is required for network qualification?

A: Application unit, solution company, patch company, after-sales outlet; latest relevant documents, such as business license, environmental approval, ISO system certificate, etc., and stamped with official seal; original documents; company photos; legal person contact information and ID card Scanned pieces.

Q2: How long after I enter the network to accept the certificate?

A: The network license can be issued within 20 working days (this period varies greatly, whichever is the case).

Q3: Are you ready to enter the network?

A: The model needs to be confirmed, and the only one is available. After confirmation, you can apply for IMEI. If it is a CDMA product, you need MEID. The prototype must be consistent with the listed products.

CTA network access license