Korea KC certification


The KCC-2008-108 document released on August 7, 2007 officially announced that the Korean Communications Commission (KCC) replaced the former Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC). KCC certification is mandatory for telecommunications equipment and products under the Korean Telecommunications Basic Law and the Radio Wave Act. The Korea Communications Commission is responsible for the management of telecommunications products, and it authorizes the Korea Radio Research Institute (RRA) as its certification body to implement specific certification work for products. KCC certification is performed by a Korean laboratory accredited by the previous MIC certification, and a model approval certificate is issued by RRA.

According to the latest Korean regulations, KCC was renamed to MSIP.


KC label style

About the new content of the KCC mark

1. The certificate/registration number is changed from the beginning of the original KCC to the beginning of the MSIP.

2. If the application is submitted to NRRA from July 1, 2013, the system will automatically generate a certificate/registration number named after MSIP-XXX-XXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

3. Before July 1, 2013, the certificate/registration number certificate has been obtained in the form of KCC-XXX-XXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX. The Label containing KCC-XXX-XXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX information can be used until September 30, 2013.

4. Ships shipped to Korea after October 1, 2013 must use the Label in the form of MSIP-XXX-XXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

KCC certificate number resolution

The first four digits are MSIP: Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning

2 certification types

Type of certificationMarking instructions

③Test section

Test sectionMarking instructions

④Applicant type 

Applicant typeMarking instructions

⑤Application company ID: three codes consisting of English letters or numbers; the company applying for the first time does not have a company ID. After applying for KCC, the ID is generated and permanently represents the applicant.。
⑥Product ID: Coded by the applicant, you can use English letters, numbers or link number "-", up to 14 yards.

KC label requirements

The product label can be adjusted to the size of the product, but the height must not be less than 5mm, unless the product size is very small, such as: access devices, etc. can be adjusted height.

Label color: The most basic KC LOGO color is indigo.

If you cannot use indigo for special reasons, you can use the following colors (gold, silver, and black).

Both gold and silver can be used with special flashing/shiny prints, or any single color.

Application request

Product CategoryWireless product
Control unitRRA
verification methodEMC Registration
Local representative demandNo
Local testing needsYes
Number of samples1 finished product +1 engineering machine
basic informationITCApplication form
Korean User Manual
Schematic Diagram
Black Diagram

Product CategoryTypeRF &Telecom device
Control unit AuthorityRRA
verification method Certification methodType approval
Local representative requestNo
 Local testing requestYes
cycle Lead time 4~5weeks
Number of samples Sample q’ty at least 2 sets
basic informationITC Application form
Korean User Manual
Schematic Diagram
Black Diagram
PCB Layout & PCB Location
BOM/Parts List
Applicant & Manufacturer Business License
Antenna Specification (Need to include model name, air line, gain, pointing, characteristics, manufacturer, manufacturing country, polarization characteristics, radiograph, etc.)
Channel List
Modulation,Nomodulation Program, operating instructions
Test program

Safety Approval

Control unitMIC
Local representative demandYES
Local testing needsYES
cycleThere are CB reports for 4~5 weeks (excluding inspection) No CB report for 5~7 weeks (excluding inspection)
Number of samples Sample q’ty at least 2 sets
basic informationITC Application form
Korean User Manual
Schematic Diagram
Black Diagram
PCB Layout & PCB Location
BOM/Parts List

1, need to carry out factory audit; 2, control products are all electrical products that use 50V ~ 1000V and AC power supply

2, there is no need to request KC certification if there are CB report key components