CB certification

What is CB certification?

       The CB system is a set of global mutual recognition system for electronic products established by IECEE (International Electrotechnical Commission for Electrotechnical Products and Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment), which is used by member states participating in the CB system. Mutual recognition of test results to obtain national certification or approval to promote international trade. Most of the electrical and electronic products need to meet different regulations and industry requirements when entering the national market. In the past, obtaining product safety registration or safety certification in various countries is a difficult and time consuming process. But now relying on the CB system, this situation will never happen again. The CB system is a very convenient procedure, and participating countries can mutually recognize each other's test results, and usually no additional testing is required.

CB certification mark


The necessity of CB certification

   The global acceptance of product safety test results for electrical and electronic equipment is the foundation of the CB system. After the test is successfully completed, a CB test certificate and corresponding CB test report will be issued for the product. Together, these two documents constitute a passport for manufacturers to apply for national certification of any national certification body participating in a CB system country, and no additional testing is usually required. In addition, when applying for CB certification, it is necessary to inform the countries to be included in the report so that the corresponding country differences can be taken into account during the test.

CB certified product range

   At present, the CB system covers electronic game devices, test equipment, power cables, capacitors and components, lighting, household appliances, protective devices, transformers, office and IT equipment, and medical equipment. There are 14 categories and 180 products. CB Labs (CBTL) is a laboratory accepted by the CB system and is authorized by a specific national certification body (NCB) to perform product testing and release test reports. Manufacturers can obtain CB reports and certificates from national certification bodies in any country and transfer them to other security certificates through national certification bodies under the country's CB system.

CB certification data preparation

       1. Product instruction manual.

    2. Safety design files (including key structural drawings, which are design drawings that reflect the distance, gap, number of insulation layers and thickness).

      3. Product technical conditions (or corporate standards).

    4. Product electrical schematic.

      5. Product wiring diagram.

    6. List of key components or raw materials (please use products with European certification mark).

      7. A copy of the complete machine or component certification.

      8. Other required information

CB certified factory inspection

      No need to audit

CB certification cycle

     Regular for 2-3 weeks, can be expedited, need to pay extra