GEMS/MEPS certification

Australian energy efficiency GEMS registration


GEMS (Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards) is a mandatory performance certification for electrical and electronic products in the Australian and New Zealand markets. Covers the previous major policy tools: mandatory minimum energy performance (MEPS), energy efficiency label (ERLS), equipment energy efficiency program (E3); and expanding energy efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency The category that guides businesses and consumers.

Since October 1, 2013, MEPS certification is no longer recognized, and regulated products must have GEMS certification before they can be marketed.

The current GEMS regulated products are:

-External power supply

-Digital set top box


-Compact Fluorescent / Extra Low Voltage Converter / Double Ended Fluorescent / Fluorescent Ballast / Incandescent /

- washer/dryer/dishwasher;

- electric water heater / air conditioner and heat pump / three-phase motor / household refrigeration appliances;

- Refrigeration tower / precision air conditioner / commercial refrigerator / showcase / distribution transformer.

ITC Shenzhen Farah is an Australian accredited testing laboratory that provides customers with GEMS (MEPS) energy efficiency testing, submission, registration services, and has extensive project experience in energy efficiency testing (ERP, CEC, DOE) in other countries. Can help you pass the requirements of energy saving certification faster, better and more convenient.

GEMS certification is divided into two main steps:

The first is to select products for testing, and the standards based on the tests are consistent with the original MEPS certification;

The second step is to submit a test report and other materials for GEMS registration. After the data review, the GEMS certification will be obtained.

The new GEMS regulations have new requirements for registration. Applicants cannot select a single state to register, but instead register with the Australian Regulator, and depending on the product category, the registration fee ranges from 440 to 870 Australian dollars. The registration period is 5 years.