SIRIM certification

Malaysia SIRIM


SIRIM is the only certification management organization in Malaysia. All electronic products entering Malaysia need to apply for SIRIM recognition.

Certificate of certification. In principle, the applicant should be a local institution in Malaysia. SIRIM certification application and management is by SIRIM QAS

International is specifically responsible for the issuance of the SIRIM certificate by this agency.

The product certification system implemented in Malaysia is divided into mandatory certification and voluntary certification. Communication equipment and electrical equipment approval strip

The 31 categories of electrical products specified in the “Articles” shall be subject to mandatory type approval and safety certification, and other products shall belong to

Voluntary certification. At present, there is no mandatory requirement for electromagnetic compatibility in Malaysia.

SIRIM certification mark

There are many different types of products in Malaysia that are required to comply with the requirements of the IECEE CB system. The MS mark and the ST mark are voluntary and mandatory safety signs for the export of products to Malaysia, respectively.

Application request

SIRIM certification data preparation

1. Need to provide local representative (locally registered company)

2. SIRIM Certification Application Form

3. Complete signed product certification questionnaire

4. Product English manual

5. 5 prototypes

After receiving the above documents, the ITC laboratory detected the report and submitted it to Malaysia for review and certification.

SIRIM certification does not require audit

SIRIM certification cycle

Regular for 3-5 weeks, can be expedited, need to pay extra for expedited.

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