Safety test



    Safety laboratory (safety) as the earliest established professional laboratory of ITC Farah commodity inspection, with complete testing equipment and experienced professionals, has achieved double recognition of China CNAS and Taiwan TAF, and established a good cooperative relationship with international authorities. To help manufacturers solve the safety problems in the initial stage of product development and design.

   ITC Farah Commodity Inspection Laboratory Features: Combination of Professional and Service

   ITC Farah Commodity Inspection is a dual-accredited laboratory of CNAS and TAF. It has a good cooperative relationship with internationally renowned institutions UL/TUV/ITS/Eurofins/SAA. ITC Farah Commodity Inspection assists manufacturers with professional experience, complete testing equipment and excellent service. Apply for and obtain CE, GS, UL, CB, SAA, PSE, SONCAP, SASO, CCC and other product safety certifications. Provide high quality and fast service for customer's product safety, reliability and environmental protection and cost control.

1. Assist customers to eliminate safety hazards during product design, such as insulation distance, transformer safety isolation, etc., to evaluate structural design, avoid design errors, save product development time, and reduce manpower and money waste.

2. Perform electrical inspection and structural inspection before product certification, and give an audit report.

3. On behalf of the customer to communicate with the certification body, on behalf of the customer to perform the application of the document operation, saving time to reduce customer trouble.

4. Counseling customers to review relevant matters at the factory and assist in handling subsequent factory inspections.

5. For the specific products of customers, train relevant personnel to comprehensively improve the safety and control capabilities of R&D projects.

6. Consultation on safety regulations and standards in major countries

Standard and regulatory requirements

Detection object

Testing standard

information TechnologyIEC/EN 60950-1, AS/NZS 60950-1GB 4943.1
Audio/videoIEC/EN 60065, AS/NZS 60065GB 8898
Household appliancesIEC/EN 60335-1, AS/NZS 60335.1
IEC/EN 60335-2-X, AS/NZS 60335.2.X
GB 4706.1
GB 4706.X
LampIEC/EN 60598-1, AS/NZS 60598.1
IEC/EN 60598-2-X, AS/NZS 60598.2.X
GB 7000.1
GB 7000.X
Lamp controllerIEC/EN 61347-1, AS/NZS 61347.1
IEC/EN 61347-2-X, AS/NZS 61347.2.X
GB 19510.1
GB 19510.X
Self-ballasted LED lightsIEC/EN 62560/
The LED The moduleIEC/EN 62031GB 24819
Energy saving lampIEC/EN 60968
Transformer and power supplyIEC/EN 61558-1, AS/NZS 61558.1
IEC/EN 61558-2-X, AS/NZS 61558.2.X
GB 19212.1
GB 19212.X

Laboratory style