Bluetooth certification RF


Classic Bluetooth – BR (Basic Rate) / EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)

Test case IDdescription
TP/TRM/CA/BV-01-COutput power (under normal and extreme conditions)
TP/TRM/CA/BV-02-CPower density (under normal and extreme conditions)
TP/TRM/CA/BV-03-CPower control (under normal and extreme conditions)
TP/TRM/CA/BV-04-CEmission spectrum – frequency range (under normal and extreme conditions)
TP/TRM/CA/BV-05-CEmission spectrum – 20dB bandwidth (under normal and extreme conditions)
TP/TRM/CA/BV-06-CEmission spectrum – adjacent channel power (under normal and extreme conditions)
TP/TRM/CA/BV-07-CModulation characteristics (under normal and extreme conditions)
TP/TRM/CA/BV-08-CInitial carrier frequency error (under normal and extreme conditions)
TP/TRM/CA/BV-09-CCarrier frequency drift (under normal and extreme conditions)
TP/TRM/CA/BV-10-CEDR relative transmit power (under normal and extreme conditions)
TP/TRM/CA/BV-11-CEDR carrier frequency stability and modulation accuracy (under normal and extreme conditions)
TP/TRM/CA/BV-12-CEDR differential phase encoding (under normal conditions)
TP/TRM/CA/BV-13-CEDR in-band spurious emissions (under normal and extreme conditions)
TP/TRM/CA/BV-14-CEnhanced power control (under normal conditions)
TP/RCV/CA/BV-01-CSingle-slot packet sensitivity (under normal and extreme conditions)
TP/RCV/CA/BV-02-CMulti-slot packet sensitivity (under normal and extreme conditions)
TP/RCV/CA/BV-03-CC/I performance (under normal conditions)
TP/RCV/CA/BV-04-CBlocking performance (under normal conditions)
TP/RCV/CA/BV-05-CIntermodulation performance (under normal conditions)
TP/RCV/CA/BV-06-CMaximum input level (under normal conditions)
TP/RCV/CA/BV-07-CEDR sensitivity (under normal and extreme conditions)
TP/RCV/CA/BV-08-CEDR bit error rate base performance (under normal conditions)
TP/RCV/CA/BV-09-CEDR C/I performance (under normal conditions)
TP/RCV/CA/BV-10-CEDR maximum input level (under normal conditions)

Smart Bluetooth – LE (Low Power)

Test Case IdentifierDescription
TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-01-COutput power (under normal conditions)
TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-02-COutput power (under extreme conditions)
TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-03-CIn-band emission (under normal conditions)
TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-04-CIn-band emission (under extreme conditions)
TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-05-CModulation characteristics (under normal conditions)
TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-06-CCarrier frequency offset and drift (under normal conditions)
TP/TRM-LE/CA/BV-07-CCarrier frequency offset and drift (under extreme conditions)
TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-01-CReceiver sensitivity (under normal conditions)
TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-02-CReceiver sensitivity (under extreme conditions)
TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-03-CC/I and receiver selection performance (under normal conditions)
TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-04-CBlocking performance (under normal conditions)
TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-05-CIntermodulation performance (under normal conditions)
TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-06-CMaximum input signal level (under normal conditions)
TP/RCV-LE/CA/BV-07-CPER report integrity (under normal conditions)