The battery certification

 UN38.3 Certification

In order to ensure the safety of lithium battery air transportation, IATA in the Dangerous Goods Regulations stipulates that the preconditions for lithium battery air transportation must meet the UN38.3 testing requirements of the United Nations lithium battery. China's Civil Aviation Administration of China is also very strict in monitoring the air transportation of lithium batteries. It is clearly required that all airlines and airport cargo receiving departments must conduct a strict review of each type of lithium battery UN38.3 test report, and it is impossible to submit a qualified test report. Air transportation is prohibited. AGC Xinyuhuan detection can guarantee the transportation of lithium batteries and provide one-stop service.

The UN38.3 test standard is based on the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods - Manual of Tests and Criteria, Revision 1 & Revision 2, which contains eight major test items (height simulation, temperature test, vibration, mechanical shock, external short circuit, extrusion/impact). , overcharged, forced discharge).

The transportation of lithium batteries is not only the need of the battery. It has passed the test of UN38.3. The package for the separate transportation and transportation of lithium batteries also needs to pass the 1.2m drop test, and the packaging can meet the regulatory requirements before it can be transported.

Cost: 4500

Cycle: 22 working days

Sample: 25 batteries 15 batteries